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Certification From the Linux Professional Institute

Linux Professional Institute training from the urban penguinThe LPI or Linux Professional Institute having been offering vendor neutral certification in Linux since 1999. With such a history this represents a mature certification that is well recognised world-wide.

They offer certifications in Linux starting with Linux Essentials and then moving up the levels of system administration certification from LPIC-1 through to LPIC-3. Linux Essentials is a professional development certification demonstrating your broad understanding of Linux and Open Source.

Although not required studying for the Linux Essentials may make a great foundation for your administration career in Linux. Enabling a gentle start into Linux and the command line. Many Colleges and Universities include this certification as part of general computing courses ensuring a grounding in Linux. There is a single exam requirement in gaining the Linux Essentials certification

Both the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 require two exam for each qualification and LPIC-2 requires that you already have the LPIC-1 qualification. For LPIC-3 which represents specialisations in Linux the is one exam per speciality. To gain and LPIC-3 certification you will need LPIC-2.


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