Linux Essentials

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Linux EssentialsLinux Essentials

This is the entry level professional development exam from the Linux Professional Institute. The Linux Essentials certification is aimed at helping you gain and prove your basic knowledge in working with Linux and Open Source. Although not required it makes an excellent start for those looking to further their certification with the LPI. Those Linux users and enthusiasts who will never need to manage Linux will gain confidence in using the command line and gaining some valuable shortcuts.

Linux Essentials certification was added by the LPI to their qualifications in recognition of the ubiquitous nature of Linux and Open Source. In recent years knowing Linux has taken a greater degree of importance within IT as many systems or appliances used in Virtualisation are based on Linux. As Linux is “free” if, as a vendor you need to deliver an appliance that runs your services Linux is an obvious choice with no licensing issues.

The following short post introduces you to the certification: Linux Essentials – What is it?


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