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So you want to Learn Scripting

Learn Scripting

Welcome to my page where we can help you get ahead by learning different forms of scripting languages.  Think of this page as the equivalent of your the college Modern Foreign Languages faculty. Just the languages we teach are scripting languages. By scripting we mean a computer programming language that can written in plain text and does not require any prior compiling before it is executed. The execution will then take place by the designated script engine. This may be bash, perl, php, python or any number of other languages. Whilst many of these languages are available across different operating system platforms will will be using Linux for the examples and specifically Ubuntu 16.04.

Linux is a free open-source platform so this makes sense to use for instruction rather than any proprietary system.

Listed below are pages that support the scripting languages taught by theurbanpenguin. You may take them in any order although often people will make a start with BASH when they first want to learn scripting.

As we are working with Linux it is expected that you will be able to navigate the command line in Linux and use some form of Linux text editor before making a start in these courses. Your journey to learn scripting is about to begin:

Shell Scripting with BASH

Scripting with Perl

Creating Script with Python

Using Ruby for Scripts