Mastering BASH Shell Scripting

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Mastering BASH Shell Scripting

Mastering BASH Shell ScriptingWelcome to my page were we introduce the lessons that we have compiled for you to get you up to speed with Mastering BASH Shell Scripting . Bash Shell Scripting is often the first calling point in the journey to learn computer programming and it often arises from the need or desire to automate repetitive and boring task. This is where I first became involved in scripting many years ago trying to automate classroom setups on a Friday night at a commercial training partner.

What you need to Start:

I would hope that you can bring enthusiasm and energy into your learning. This topped of with a little passion for Linux will be the best starting point that you can find to start Mastering Shell Scripting with Bash. The reality is that we will also be working on the command line of Linux a lot so having a system that you can work with is really important. We will be using Ubuntu 16.04 but any Linux distribution with BASH should be great. You can also find BASH as the shell environment in OSX and many Unix systems such as Solaris. If you have a Raspberry Pi and don’t know what to do with it then you can use that as the default distribution is Raspbian, very similar to Ubuntu.

So let’s recap: You will need the following, please pack carefully

  • Enthusiasm and passion
  • A system, preferably Linux, that runs the BASH shell
  • A little command line experience

shellscriptingAs well as the links to to lessons that I have prepared you may want to access the book I have written with Packt Publishing. The book is current and up-to-date having be published in December 2015. This is available in a printed version of ebook format even for the kindle.




Click on the links to discover each video lesson

  1.  Creating, Executing and Debugging BASH Scripts
  2.  Creating Code Snippets and Key Maps in VIM
  3.  Simple IF Statement in BASH
  4.  Extending the IF Statement with ELIF and ELSE
  5.  Gather User input With Prompts
  6.  Using the CASE statement to test multiple conditions
  7.  Create Simple Logic Using Command Line lists in BASH
  8.  Working with BASH Variables
  9.  Using Script Arguments